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This morning

Paul Bateman
Written by Paul Bateman

morning walk, morning song


I took a path this morning
By the wetlands west of Melbourne
As the sun was seeping through the sky
Bringing clouds to life    

Not every day is poetry
Not every thought is peace
But even as I write these words
The sun remains with me 

About the author

Paul Bateman

Paul Bateman

I'm a writer from Melbourne, Australia. I write about life as I find it. In doing so, I hope to offer something real. I write, too, about wine at


  • ‘Not every day is poetry/ Not every thought is peace’ something so rhythmic to carry with me in these words thank you Paul. The easy lilt of them assures me that this day is poetry.

  • ‘Been doing something similar most mornings at Jawbone Marine Sanctuary. A place aptly named. Looking for poetry amongt the rocks and the sand the solitude. Keep walking. Keep writing.

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